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1985  to Present Softail HD

Experience the Trike-riding difference with HDST Conversion kit, you may never want to return home! With a longer wheelbase, generous additional storage, independent suspension, optional electric reverse and disc brakes, Every HDST Conversion kit is built with the attention and craftsmanship needed to be a true extension of the bike itself.

Reliable Design
The dual lateral trailing arm style suspension gives the rider a smooth ride and the added benefit of very few moving parts. The trailing arms actually only have two moving parts. The two urethane bushings that attach the arms to the frame are designed for automotive use and in this application should last forever. This eliminates the possibility of something wearing and changing the wheels alignment. And we use “off the shelf” automotive wheel bearings for easy serviceability if needed.

Longer Wheelbase
We increase the wheelbase of our Trike conversion for two main reasons. One, because a longer wheel based vehicle always rides better than a shorter. The stock wheelbase puts the passenger right above the wheel, making them more likely to feel every bump. By moving the rear wheels back, the passenger now sits ahead of the wheels allowing for a much better ride and it also eliminates the problem of the passenger’s feet being crowded in by the rear fenders.

True Track Stabilizer Bar
The stabilizer bar also known as a sway bar is a flexible link between the two trailing arms. The bar uses the torsion effect to always try to keep the Trike righted or sitting square to the ground. The beauty of the stabilizer bar is the fact then when one wheel hits a bump the bar can flex quickly to absorb the movement then return.

Adjustable Coil Springs
The coil over nitrogen charged shocks are the key to the Ultras smooth ride. These are the type of shocks used in everything from race cars to street rods. They have adjustable compression dampening and spring preload.

Disc Brakes
All of our belt conversion kits feature an extra large 9” disc brake system. These automotive brakes have more stopping power than you can believe. That’s one of the great features of a Trike is how easily the stop, no matter the road conditions. We also use “off the shelf” parts for all of the brake system, but you’ll probably never wear a set out.

Trailer Hitch
You’ll find that hauling a trailer behind a Trike is nothing like it was as a bike. With the increased foot print, added weight and massive brakes you’ll truly forget its back there. Our receiver style hitch solidly bolts to our frame way up on our frame near the bike.

Multi Point Attachment
With the understanding that a Trike puts different forces onto a bike frame than it was designed for, we believe that frame attachment is critical to a long lasting dependable Trike conversion. Our kit bolts on at multiple points thereby reducing the force at any single given point. The frame includes a large steel tube attached, down low, near where the swing arm attached to the frame. This gives the bikes frame a lot of added strength. The fact that the tube ties together the frame rails makes them much stronger as a whole. The trailing arms are attached to this solidly mounted tube.


Components that are “off-the-shelf” allow for better serviceability


Heavy Duty Differential


Durable CV joints

Sweet Trikes is proud to offer the best kits in the business from The Trike Shop which has an unparalleled history of customer service and satisfaction. We offer the best warranty in the market. Your Trike comes with a full 3 year 1,000,000 mile warranty on the entire Trike kit.

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