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Kits for 1988-2000 GL 1500’s

Every HT-1500 Conversion kit is built with the attention and craftsmanship needed to be a true extension of the bike itself. Take a closer look and you will see what we mean.





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Independent Rear Suspension.

The smooth ride of the HT-1500 is primarily due to our innovative suspension system that offers a ride like no other Trike. On the HT-1500 the suspension is fully adjustable right from the dash controls, just the way the GL1500 was originally designed. This optional air ride system works great for adjusting the right height and sensitivity depending on the way the Trike is loaded. The multi-point mount of the chassis to the bike frame actually strengthens the bikes frame as well as dissipates the added stress of a Trike. We attach to existing mounting points on the frame for example on HT-1500 we use the crash bar mounts, the top shock mounts and the swing arm attachment point. A feature of the trailing arm type independent suspension is the fact that there are very few moving parts. There are literally only two pivot points on each tailing arm. This eliminates any adjustments or maintenance requirements.

True Track Stabilizer Bar
The stabilizer bar also known as a sway bar is a flexible link between the two trailing arms. The bar uses the torsion effect to always try to keep the Trike righted or sitting square to the ground. The beauty of the stabilizer bar is the fact then when one wheel hits a bump the bar can flex quickly to absorb the movement then return. This is the same technology used in almost every vehicle today. Just think if you had “no lean” that means your Trike is always perfectly square to the ground.

Longer Wheelbase
We increase the wheelbase on all of our conversions. This puts the rear wheels back behind the passengers’ seat area, Rather than sitting right on top of the wheels. Any vehicle that has a longer wheelbase will have a smoother ride. It’s just common sense. As an added benefit the differential being farther back reduces the driveshaft angle

Shaft Driven Differential
Our differential is constructed from standard automotive ring and pinion gear sets. There application includes many years and models of Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth vehicles. They have a 2.76:1 ratio which is very close to the stock bikes overall gear ratio when used with our tire diameter.

Disc Brakes
Large disc brakes more than handle the stopping of this Trike. Remember Trikes stop faster and easier than bikes. With more tire contact area and much better stability, braking a Trike is not the white knuckled, balancing act that a bike can be.The wheel bearings, calipers and rotors are all right from a high production automobile application. Like all of our drive train, constructed from everyday off the shelf parts for your convenience.

Each Kit Also Includes:


Heavy Duty Driveshaft


Heavy Duty CV joints


Alloy Wheels


Storage Compartment


Trailer Hitch


Carpeted Trunk

Sweet Trikes is proud to offer the best kits in the business from The Trike Shop which has an unparalleled history of customer service and satisfaction. We offer the best warranty in the market. Your Trike comes with a full 3 year 1,000,000 mile warranty on the entire Trike kit.

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